Key to future

«In today’s world among the huge flow of information and constant changes, education remains as the main and reliable capital for any person» — Galimzhan Yessenov.

Science and Education Foundation named after Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov is one of the few, which helps young Kazakhstan scientists to develop and work for the good of the country. Over 5 years, the Foundation has 13 thousand beneficiaries. There are young scientists, researchers, programmers, teachers, trainers and sportsmen of the most intellectual game – chess among them.

«We started to function in February 2013», — says Ayganym Malysheva. – «Fifty projects have been completed in five years. I can name several popular programs that are important for the development of intellectual potential of our country. These are scientific internships in the world laboratories and IT start-ups of the SiliconValley, Yessenov Scholarship and the English language programs in regional universities of Kazakhstan, the publication of books and «Yessenov readings» guest lectures, «Chess in school», charitable project «Christmas Tree of wishes». In order to have an understanding of the results, I will tell you that only in the framework of scientific internships in the laboratories of the world 52 talented Kazakh students have already received invaluable experience in the scientific institutions of the USA and Canada, Switzerland and China, Britain and Sweden. Almost a third of them went to Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Oxford and other prestigious world universities.

The Foundation realized the dreams of many students and every year increases a number of programs and contests for educational grants. So this year 3 new educational programs were opened.

“The purpose of the two programs is to support undergraduates and young specialists. We allocate 5 grants for internships in scientific laboratories of the world for acting scientific employees and undergraduates. 2 grants for a master’s degree in any foreign university we pay to the winners of our other competition. The third project is a summer school Yessenov Data Lab for data analysts, which we are doing together with ALMAU in partnership with Kaspi Bank. Leading specialists in the field of data analysis from EPAM Systems and Yandex Money will conduct the classes for 20 students of the school”.

Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation is the founder of the Corporate Fund “Courage to be First”, known as the organizer of the “Almaty Marathon” sports event. The idea of creating the Marathon belongs to the founders of the Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation spouses Galymzhan Yessenov and Aizhan Yessim.

«A year before the creation of the Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation, they had an idea to celebrate the anniversary of the Almaty franchise of the World Class sports club network. Moreover, to celebrate it specially by calling residents and guests of Almaty to a healthy lifestyle and to be socially active, thus organizing a charitable marathon as in New York and London. The goal was to turn it into an independent sporting event, the largest in Central Asia. And it happened. This year it was held for the seventh time. More than 10 thousand people from 40 countries of the world take part in in regularly. Last year, Academic Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation became the official founder of the marathon», — says Ayganym Malisheva.

This year, the Almaty Marathon gathered 14 000 participants at the start. A marathon is not just a race. This is a great social platfrom, uniting all not indifferent people and companies supporting and developing mass sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle and charity. All funds received from the payments of registration fees of the Almaty Marathon are directed to create the nessecary sports infrastructure for children with special needs.

«Our science and education fund supports the marathon in conceptual and strategic issues — for example, implementing control over compliance with the basic principles of transparent activities and public reporting, engineering and monitoring of internal work processes, etc. We help to determine the main directions of development. And although the fund covers the administrative costs of Almaty marathon, we are more likely friends who create and implement projects that are significant for all Kazakhstanis.

Among the activities that the «Courage to be First» Corporate Fund regularly conducts, in addition to Almaty Marathon, lectures and Sports fair, seasonal and thematic races, cycling races, championships of Kazakhstan and Asia in Powerlifting.

All activities are aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and active social position not only among Almaty residents, but the whole country.